Die Member von Diamond Cats 

Age: 20
Location: Cologne, Germany
Favorite colors: Black, gold, red
Style: elegant, sexy, glamorous
Brands: Egoist, Duras, Lip Service, Murua
Music: J-rock, Metal
Food: Japanese or Asian food in general
Personal blog: Visual Attraction
About myself: I love Japanese street fashion as well as many other fashion styles. In my free time, I like to blog, meet friends and go shopping. Currently, I'm studying Art History and German Literature at the university of Cologne and I'm also learning Japanese. 
Nice to meet you!

 Age: 19
Location: Freiburg im Breisgau / Germany
Style: Sweet, sexy or Cyber Goth ^^
Loveley Brand: Liz Lisa, D.I.A. and Ma*rs
Music: Industrial, J/K-Pop/Rock
Loveley Band: Girls Generation, Secret and A Pink
Food: Asian food, italian and Crepês :3 (I'm a "Naschkatze in german)
Personal blog: Written by Mieze
About myself: I'm interested in Japanese culture already for a long time, I think it started in kindergarden when I discovered "Sailor Moon" *laugh*. When I turned 15 or 16, I discovered the cyber goth style through which I was introduced to modelling, which still is one of my biggest passions. Though, I could never abandon my interest for Japanese subcultures and so, in the year 2011, I came to the decision to follow both of my favorite styles- cyber gothic and gyaru ♥

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